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Because my head is always full of ideas, I wanted to make myself a manicure table. I was looking for a small piece of furniture that would match the style of my business, a piece of furniture that would inspire me.

So there it was, a sewing machine in dire need of love, waiting impatiently for me in a friend’s basement.

sewing machine

Modification of the furniture

With a little pinch in my heart, I took the time to dismantle the old wooden cabinet part to keep only the drawers, the steel base, and of course, the sewing machine ¬- a work of art that will always be part of my decor.


Surface preparation

Remove the handles and spray the drawers with the Colorantic varnish cleaner and remover, leave it to react for 15 minutes on the surface, to remove old wax and traces of previous coats. Wipe down clean with a damp cloth, let dry and sand lightly.


Colour application

Using the oval paintbrush, apply two thin coats of Acai Berry colour paint to the outside of the drawers to keep the original interior.

Let dry for 30 minutes after the second coat, then sand in strategic places to your desires to reproduce a worn effect, a vintage used look.

Wipe down well with a damp cloth to make sure there is no more residue from sanding.


Finishing touch

Wait 24 hours before applying wax. Using a round natural bristle brush, apply all over a thin layer of Natural Beeswax. Wipe residual wax off well with the all-blue paper towel until the wax is smooth and uniform.

Natural beeswax at least 7 days to dry and even more. Why not cover the bottoms of the drawers with wallpaper in the meantime?

To complete this, I bought a “Live Edge” plank of wood that was previously stained and varnished. A few wood screws, recovered by dismantling the original piece of furniture, and here is my unique manicure table!





 manicure table

A project like this is very quick to execute. The hardest part is finding that rare gem to transform. Take the time, one step at a time, and you can’t help but fall in love with your furniture or items that simply needed a second life.

Vicky Morin