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How to create stain with Colorantic’s glazes

by | Aug 4, 2018 | How to use Glazes (Stains)? | 0 comments

Glazes can be used as stains!


Dare make your own blue, green, red, pink or yellow stain with Colorantic glazes. Mix 1/4 of your choice of Colorantic colour with 3/4 of clear Window glaze.

Another blog has been written previously about glazes. Don’t forget to read the article.


Glaze – A Stain Effect


Thank you to Pattes & Poufs from Victoriaville, QC for their collaboration for the recording of this tutorial. (in French but English tutorials will soon become available)




Picture credit: Hairdresser Salon: Eclipz of Lancaster, ON (Katie Poulin)


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