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Vintage furniture makeover in a tv cabinet

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As soon as I saw this vintage piece of furniture lying around in my mother-in-law’s basement. I fell in love with it and luckily she gave it to me and my partner when we bought our first home.

Since then it has followed us everywhere, but this is the first time that I can really say it has found its place!

Moreover, we can say that it has lived many lives this piece of furniture: TV cabinet in 50’s-60’s, bar in 70’s-80’s, to storage cabinet and toy box with the arrival of my first child … In short , it had a lot of experience before I started it’s makeover and proudly installed it in my new dining room!

vintage furniture - before

The products used

Polish cleanser and makeup remover

Night chalk based paint

Natural beeswax

Oval brush

Wallpaper (of your choice)

Sanding block

Sanding mouse and  60 grit paper

vintage furniture

Step 1 – Erase and start again!

 After many decades of use and differnt owners we found, brown, beige, white, yellow… There was definitely a lot of prep work to do and a lot of hours of work ahead of me!

So, I started with the first step and not the last: sand the top… I absolutely wanted to find the raw wood even though I knew it would not be easy.

60 grit sandpaper (yes, yes 60… nothing less). Electric hand sander and a good 3 hours of arm power later, I finally had the desired result. I will let you imagine the state of my workshop which was literally covered in dust!

For the rest of the furniture, I cleaned thoroughly with Colorantic makeup remover to properly prepare the surface and I sanded lightly with my 120 grit sanding paper.



Step 2 – We gave it a new look

Then comes the fun part: painting! I brushed on three coats of Colorantic Night chalk paint, taking the time to sand lightly between each coat.



Step 3 – The Final Touch …

For the finish, I put a wallpaper in the back of the cabinet to create a WOW effect. I also dared to try, for the first time applying  Colorantics transparent natural wax.

Usually I work with a matte varnish, but I wanted to try a new product.

Well,  my first experience, I put on too much wax and the furniture took a good full month before it was totally dry. But in the end, the result was still superb …

I actually liked the finish that the wax provides even though, I admit it. I prefer to work with Colorantic matte varnish.


Today, with the purchase of a new home, this vintage piece of furniture is now an integrated part to my dining room. I love its vintage chic side and I absolutely don’t miss the days when it was bright yellow and overflowing with my kids’ toys!

I would eventually like to add a wooden shelf to it to display my collection of vintage glasses and vases which, for the moment, is stored on the top floor due to lack of space!

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet


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