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An original Decor item

Even before the kitchen renovations started, my head was full of decorating ideas.

On the piece of wall above the island I dreamed of having shelves, and loving the originality as well as the recovery, I had planned to revamp the old hutch of our dresser.

The installation of a pocket door weakened this wall, so it was no longer possible to install the heavy hutch.
For a few months I was looking for the original element that would give a nice boost to the new somber kitchen.
While rummaging through our treasure chest of items, my husband had the brilliant idea of ​​salvaging an old window from our century-old house and adding a shelf to it.

The making of the shelf

Not wanting to weigh down the window, he opted for basswood, which is a very light wood and works well.
It was by using different tools that he managed to give it an aged wood look.
Always in search of originality, we chose planter supports to attach it to the window.

Preparing the window frame

I removed the old peeling paint using a stiff brush.
I dusted it off very well using the air compressor to remove the dirt accumulated in every nook and cranny.
Once the masking tape was applied, I was ready to paint.

Painting the Window Frame

I used a small amout of the colour Cotton Ball and I added a little water to thin it out (I always prefer to work small amounts at a time so as not to waste the paint).
Using the # 10 oval brush, I applied the paint lightly and randomly to reveal the grayish natural wood of the window frame.
As soon as I was  finished painting I used a damp cloth and  I wiped in some spots until I got the desired effect.
Once the paint was completely dry I sanded lightly with my two-grain sanding block to accentuate the wear where I wanted.
Too much wear … no problem, everything can be corrected by adding paint.

Painting the shelf

Before painting the board, I brushed it gently with a steel brush. I have sprayed a little water in some spots to bring out the grain of the wood to accentuate the aged effect.
To achieve the natural grayish colour of the window, I applied one coat, Tractor Dust, all over the board using the # 10 Oval Brush.
Before the paint completely dried, I sprayed some water and applied the colour Cotton Ball horizontally, and mixed the two colors using my paintbrush.
Using a damp cloth I wiped in a few places to bring out the grey.

The stencil

On the back of the window I fixed the stencil very well using masking tape, and at a distance of about 12 inches I sprayed the black spray paint, taking care to spray lightly to avoid the paint from running.

The Protection

Using the XL round wax brush, I applied the Natural Beeswax to all surfaces, one section at a time, and polished it using a rag (t-shirt)

To finish

I’m really proud of my husbands brilliant idea, it’s a wonderful focal point that I dreamed of for a wowww effect in my kitchen.
I love decorating it with the seasons, its look is always very beautiful.
Recovery and Colorantic, the perfect duo for a personalized decor.

Diane Lavoie


Diane Lavoie

Married for almost 45 years, mother of two children and grandmother of two grand-daughters, I am now retired. Native of Delson, in Montérégie, my little family and I made the big move 29 years ago to come and settle near Mont-Laurier in the Hautes-Laurentides. Our dream being to restore an old house, we acquired a house built in 1906 and it was on June 21, 1992 that this great adventure began. I love decor and love originality, seven years ago I discovered a passion for the revaluation of furniture and various salvage items. Now that the house has been fully restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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