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Transformation of a pantry with chalk based paint

by | Feb 12, 2021 | How to paint a large area, Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets, Uncategorized | 0 comments

For those who have followed a few of my projects here on the Colorantic blog, you know without a doubt that I bought an old house in 2020 and have been having fun giving it a makeover ever since.

Also, at the level of the ground floor, I had only one project to carry out before tackling the second floor and possibly the third (third which, by the way, is frozen in time and has suffered from a lack of change since the 1940s).

This project: painting the pantry corner white! So I took advantage of the Holidays to FINALLY finish one floor and to start convincing my partner to start renovating the second floor…


First of all, I asked my partner to take down the pantry cabinets so that I could work. I sanded the surface lightly and applied the Colorantic varnish remover (a product I now use consistently whenever I do a project). I let it sit for a good 30 minutes, then washed the surface thoroughly before starting to paint.

Okay, let me give you some advice for those who would like to give a youthful look to their old wooden kitchen cabinets: put a primer before you start painting in order to have a more resistant finish. In my case, I unfortunately had no primer on hand and no access to a store to buy it. So I applied Collorantic Cotton Ball applied directly.

Since I didn’t have a primer, I didn’t skimp on the paint and applied 4 good coats with the brush for the hard to reach places and the foam roller for the rest.

I then put 3 coats of Colorantic matte varnish on the cabinets. The goal is to have a finish that would resist my children’s not always clean little hands, and my culinary failures (since the oven is near my pantry).



In all, this project took two days to complete,  it took longer for my husband to instal the doors than it did for me to paint.  The result is perfect, despite the fact that I did not put a primer. I advise however, if you want to make any kitchen cabinets last, to apply a primer first. Now all that is left for me to do is to start the second floor, which contains no less than 16 prefinished walls in brown, gray, green and a kind of orange to which I cannot describe the exact colour…

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet




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