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Transform an old-fashioned shabby chic side table

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I bought this little table a few years ago for our chalet. I loved the details of the flowers around the table and the legs, but on the other hand I found that it was a little dull and clashed with the rest of the decor … So I have my brushes and I’m ready for this bright little end of week transformation that is bound to look beautiful in my chalet !

side table
side table

First step: Preparation


I started by cleaning the table well with the varnish remover to make sure to remove any dust and grease residue from fingerprints or wax buildup.



Second step: Paint


I applied my Colorantic Vintage Cream coloured paint all over and let it dry (about 30 min to 1 hour. The fact that it dries quickly, is really convenient. Then I then applied a second coat.



Third step: Protection


I applied my Natural beewax with a short bristle brush and applied it all over, to make sure it will be easy to work with the darker colour and make it easier to make corrections if needed. I then let it dry until the next day.



Fourth step : Finishing touch


For the application of the brown wax, I used a second short-haired brush (because I do not mix the brushes for the light and dark wax) …. I put it everywhere adding a little more product where there was the flower detail, because I really wanted to give it depth.

Then I wiped off the excess with my cloth and I adjusted more or less according to the look I wanted to give to my table!

Shabby chic side table

A nice quick project that gives a superb result.

Note that the wax takes a few days to harden properly. It will be dry to the touch after about 48 hours but wait a good week to a month before using damp cloths to clean!

Eve Taillefer



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