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Quick Transformation of Farmhouse Style Frames

by | Mar 12, 2021 | Decorative objects, How to give an antique look, How to use wax?, Uncategorized | 0 comments

There are days when I want it to be quick. I’m the kind of person who would like everything done yesterday! So here’s a little one-day project.

I had beautiful wooden frames and a mirror. I loved them, but they were way too dark. I needed it to be brighter.


I started by removing my mirror and the old canvas from their frames to clean with the cleaner & varnish remover followed by a light sanding. Then I rinsed well and let it dry.

I started by applying a thin coat of Vintage Creme with my 35mm paint brush and let it dry for about 1 hour. Afterwards, I applied my Metallic Jewel paint colour in the cracks with my artist’s paint brush, purposely overflowing a little in a few places. I wiped off the excess paint.

To create an antiqued effect, I applied a small coat of Natural Beewax all over without paying attention, because I wanted the paint to be easier to remove in my final sanding! I applied a second coat of Vintage Cream and let it dry for an hour.


I finalized the antiquing by sanding  the desired places. Thanks to the layer of wax applied previously, it’s super easy!


Then I applied another coat of Natural Beeswax to protect the surface.


I put my mirror back in place and I added chicken wire to my large frame, to hang pictures and other decorations as I wish.

Easy, fast and efficient. I love it!

Eve Taillefer



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