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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint


Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze
Available in sizes of 8, 16, 32, 58 oz and 1 gallon.

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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint 32 oz 675033002712 $52.99 instock 995
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1 Gallon 675033003672 $121.99 instock 998
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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint 58 oz 675033003634 $90.99 instock 1000
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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint 16 oz 675033001296 $30.99 instock 994
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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze Paint 8 oz 675033001289 $18.99 instock 996
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Chocolate Cake Brown Glaze paint
Available in sizes of 8, 16, 32, 58 oz and 1 gallon.

The Colorantic™ glazes are offered in many colors: White Cloud Glaze, Chocolate Cake Brown, Window Clear, and Grey Kitten

What is a glaze? A glaze is mainly used as a clear juxtaposition technique to create an effect of depth. It can also be used as a protective coat, but it is often used to obtain a darker tinted finish than regular stains. The glaze is used to dilute an opaque paint such as Colorantic™ chalk-based paints. The 15th century Flemish used this glaze process to create an appearance of depth and realism. Glaze is often brushed on as well to create a worn antique look.

The clear Glaze paint can be mixed with any Colorantic™ chalk-based paint. The formula is simple: ¾ of Window Clear glaze with ¼ of your choice of Colorantic™ chalk-based paint.  For example: would you like to create a pink washed effect for your daughter’s room? Mix the Window Clear glaze with Colorantic™ Antique Pink and you will get your desired effect. You are also able to brighten your paint to bring out the wood grain. This is how you will create your own ‘coloured opaque stain’. The Chocolate Cake, White Cloud as well as Grey Kitten glazes are already pre-mixed, so you can get the brown, white and grey opaque stain effects and will be able to see the wood grain.

Dare try them to create your custom coloured stain like yellow, red, pink, blue or green? Simply follow the instructions above to make your own

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