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Colorantic™ receives prestigious recognition from AQMAT

by | Nov 25, 2017 | Newspapers articles, blogs and other media | 0 comments

Finalist for the 2017 Innovative Product Award

Product: Colorantic Chalk-Based Paint

AQMAT (Association of Hardware Stores of Quebec) has nominated Colorantic Vintage Paint – Peinture as a TOP 10 FINALIST for Innovative New Products in 2017.  Colorantic products are manufactured in Quebec and Ontario, and has been honoured as the only paint product to merit this prestigious title since 1992, according to Charles Thomassin, Marketing Director of AQMAT!

The secret ballot was made by five executives from major hardware store chains across Canada.

The finalist companies are, as per the press release by AQMAT:

Professional Sandblaster (Vac Pole Pro)

BBQ Québec
All-in-One Set

Habito Gypsum Board

Joints Compound CGC Sheetrock Total

Chalk Based Paint

Yagrip Panel Holder

Drains of coping

Garden Blocks

SnowPeeler Roof Shovel

SoliFlex Flexible Congruate Drain with Smooth Inside

Source : Pierre Perreault, Communications Director, AQMAT


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