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I have a love/hate relationship with my chair. I love it because its comfortable, its in good shape and most of all because I’ve been rocking my grandchildren in it for 11 years. The part I hate about it is the colour. It’s outdated.

I had heard some time ago that you could paint fabric with chalk paint, but the thought of it scared me a little. Well, it shouldn’t have.

Step 1 – Preparing the Fabric 

Preparing the fabric for paint is quite easy. Simply clean the stains (if there are any) using a gentle soap and rinse the fabric well. Then vacuum it to remove any dust. That’s it!

Ready for the next step!


Steps 2 – Preparing the Mixture



Because I wanted a custom colour, my mixture consisted of ½ part Night, ½ part Tractor Dust, ½ part Grey Kitten Glaze and ¼ part water.

Otherwise, my mixture would have been 1 part paint, ½ part glaze and ¼ part water. 


Steps 3 – Applying the Paint 

I used the Oval 55mm Natural Bristle Brush because it covers a large area and the natural bristles stay wet when I spray them with water. Using a spray bottle to wet the bristles prevents them from drying out and makes applying the mixture much easier.

It’s important to wet the fabric completely with the spray bottle before beginning the painting process. This will make the fabric more absorbent. Because of this, sometimes the first coat is not very noticeable.

I applied 3 coats of the mixture to my chair, making sure to let it dry between coats. I also gave the chair a light sanding between coats.

After the last coat was on, I still wasn’t completely satisfied. The mixture did not penetrate in some of the areas where the fabric was a bit more worn. So, I decided to apply another coat to those areas, but this time I diluted my mixture with water.



Steps 4 – Finishing

Using Colorantic’s Round Wax Brush, I applied the Clear Natural Beeswax, working on one small section at a time. I wiped off the excess wax with a clean cotton rag.



Don’t be afraid to take chances in life! I now have a modern looking chair, while being able to preserve all the memories that go with it.



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