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Many of you have been asking if you can paint fabric with our Colorantic chalk-based paint. MaryBerlue & Cie, a blogger from Victoriaville, was up for the challenge and revamped her daughter’s fabric shoes using our paint and glaze. You’ll be impressed with the results.
In her blog MaryBerlue & Cie, explains in detail each step of the realization of its project. But that’s not all ! She didn’t just use Colorantic paint! She added a touch of fantasy by putting some glitter! Her daughter now has glittery shoes!

Products Used :

It is quite a simple and easy project to undertake! All you need to do is apply the paint mixture and let your project dry well between each coat! This will ensure optimal results!


* Please note that the MaryBerlue & Cie article is unsponsored.



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