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How to Paint Fabric on a Couch with Colorantic’s Chalk Based Paint Products


Ever wonder how to paint materials and fabrics such as couches, stools, accent pillows and more?

The Artist Blogger Émilie Côté from the Boutique Rien ne se perd – Meubles revalorisés, , inform you on Fabric painting technics with Colorantic products. This three seats couch was found for FREE, so no starting cost! To create this outcome, Emilie used her favourite Colorantic chalk based paint colour: Summer Garden !




Prep Steps

1st Step: Prepare your Fabric.  To paint fabric, you will have to prep the fabric on your furniture first. With a water spray bottle, humidify the fabric in order to soften the fibers. If your fabric is dirty, add a bit of dish soap into the water bottle to spray the fabric. Rince and dry it lightly.

2nd Step: Mix products. For a three seat couch, it is recommended to purchase a 58 oz clear glaze as well as a 58 oz chalk based paint colour of your choice. Mix 1/2 of each together to add the first layer. Add water to this mix (about 1/4).

3rd Step: Apply the Glaze + Chalk Based Paint mix. To apply this mix, Emilie used a big XL Colorantic Chalk Based Paint & Wax Brush. This round paint brush made with natural silk filaments has a very high coverage volume as it contains a lot of filaments. Apply the mix on the fabric on a light coat. Let it dry for about 1 to 2 hour(s) between coats. You can go outside in a shady area or covered location to help the fabric dry quicker. Open up windows in the house if you want, to help circulate air so it dries quicker.


Development Steps

4th Step: Redo those steps 2 to 4 times. Do the same mix again but reduce the amount of water. Keep this 1/2 clear glaze with 1/2 chalk based paint mix. Depending on the type of fabric fiber, it is possible that you will need more chalk based paint or clear glaze. It is best to have plenty of products instead of running out of them when you actually are doing your project (1 Gallon may be necessary). If your fabric is dark and you want to go light, it will take you between 4-5 coats. If you have a dark coloured couch and are switching to a lighter colour, you will need about 3 coats. Finally, if you are staying at the same level of shades (dark-to-dark or light-to-light), it should take you between 2 to 3 coats max.

5th Step: Light Sanding. Between each coat, you will need to sand lightly with the Colorantic two-grain Sanding Block. It will soften the fabric.

6th Step: Humidify. You can lightly humidify the fabric with your water bottle sprayer.


Final Steps

7th Step: Once the glaze-paint mix coats dry (it only takes a few minutes/hours as Colorantic’s chalk based paint dry so fast), apply the Colorantic’ clear Natural Beeswax (here a 8 oz container was necessary) with a Colorantic round wax brush. It is recommended to use a round paint brush (16mm Silk filaments, #5, #7 or #11 Bore Filaments (no longer carrying), or the XL round paint brush, all from Colorantic) because with a cloth, most of the wax will get on the cloth and dry there whereas with a round paint brush, it will go directly on the project evenly.

8th Step: Dry the wax lightly with a damp white and clean cloth to enable the wax to cure. It takes about 1 to 7 days for all Colorantic’s wax to dry.


Voilà! Happy painting and good luck in your couch search!


Artist: Émilie Côté from Rien ne se perd – Meubles revalorisés  |   Located in the beautiful old Quebec City, QC