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Trouvaille 😉

Je dois te faire un aveu, je ne me suis jamais senti comme une artiste accomplie et pourtant je devrais !
C’est peut-être dû au fait que je crois que pour atteindre ce titre on doit forcément avoir fait une maîtrise en art ou bien avoir un don inné en dessin et en peinture. Tsé, un peu comme mon père qui peint une toile identique à une photo souvenir. Bref, moi je ne suis pas de cette catégorie. En fait, j’ai réalisé tout en peinturant c’est deux tables à café que je suis une artiste moi aussi et je dois le dire haut et fort pour me convaincre moi-même. Et à cet instant précis, je me suis dit que plusieurs étaient comme moi et n’osaient pas se lancer dans la transformation d’un vieux meuble qui appartenait à la famille de génération en génération et qui n’était clairement plus au goût du jour. Oui ! C’est vrai, plusieurs rêvent de dire :
 « J’ai refait moi-même ma nouvelle déco ! J’ai même retapé mon chiffonnier »
 mais la peur de rater où bien de ne pas être à la hauteur empêche la plupart des gens à entreprendre un tel défi.
Ou peut-être que toi-même, tu aimerais faire de la revalorisation de meubles mais que tu ne te considères pas assez bon/bonne. Et bien, c’est pour cette raison que je veux te parler de ces deux tables à café.

The Artist in Us !!!

I had looked at their unique allure for a long time and wondered what style they had. In what setting they were going to be able to put it.  Because making a piece of furniture without knowing who is going to buy it is hard. In short, I had imagined a very “glamourish” style with blue and gold and frosted windows instead of clear.  I know! It sounds strange, but it was pretty in my Artistic head!
When I started the project, which was very simple, I fell in love with the effect of the all in one  primer painted with a brush on the the dark wood. I thought to myself, I’m going to create the beach wood effect discolored by water and sun. I immediately adopted the idea and changed my plan because I had just discovered the personality of these two tables.
What I’m trying to say is, being an Artist is about letting our imaginations go, listening to our “feeling”, not being afraid to make mistakes and to try / make mistakes. Because most of the time I learn from my mistakes and discover something new like a new technique or an unexpected inspiration. But you have to get started and go for it. Paint can be wiped off, you can also let it dry, sand and start over.
I have clients who have lots of ideas but don’t dare to repaint everything on their own for fear of doing it wrong! So I want to help you achieve what you want by telling you the truth! I’m no more of an artist than you are, I only do what makes my heart happy, which is to let my creativity go by putting a lot of love into this very energizing hobby. I am also convinced that you too have potential and that you can challenge yourself!


Since I was not able to leave only the all-grip primer effect on the wood, I painted using the colour Acai Berry with a brush to create a texture and I finished with the colour Cotton ball also applying it with the brush . I played with my brush as if I was doing makeup on the wood to remove paint in some places, add to others and give a very aged look overall. I took brush number 6 for the wax, but I found its size and shape perfect to control the effect of my brush strokes on the small area I had to paint.
I only put one coat of each color, remembering to sand between each one. Finally I sanded the final coat with # 200 paper to soften the texture to the touch and then varnished my work.


The Finish!!!

What I didn’t tell! This is what happens between my initial idea and the end of my project. It’s a professional secret! But between you and me, I can tell you….
I was talking about trial and error earlier, and that’s what happened to me. I wanted to frost the glass with a product specially designed to do that but  in my opinion is not ideal for tables because the adhesion is not great. I didn’t like the result so I tried painting the window white but as they say I messed it up by using the wrong tool. I finished this idea with a lot of water and a scraper to remove whatever I had just done. In short, as I said, everything is erased and ready to start all over again. The glass is like new (light color), that’s part of the risks, but I learned about the use of products and materials.
Despite the extra work that I created for myself, I like the end result which is both simple and easy to use! With that, I wish you the courage to try a lot of projects and to have fun!

Jessy Gendron

Who am I by the way: I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children, a 4 year old little girl and a 7 year old big boy. They have been the center of my life since their birth. I am a former hairdresser who still loves to cut hair! I am a hypersensitive, humanist,  who is always ready to help others. Decoration, clothing and hair are areas that have always attracted me. Everything related to creation makes me vibrate and makes me forget my anxieties for a moment. What helps me get through the storms in my head are running, praying, and painting furniture. I love to transform! I find a lot of stuff in the garbage and I imagine them with a new look and that gives me a feeling of lightness. I would like to add hours to my days to paint more. Sometimes I paint at night to advance my work and play with my children during the day. During my long sleepless nights I imagine, among other things, how I will transform the furniture that is in my garage. I am passionionate! Saving the planet is also on my priority list. Restoring, repainting and reusing gives me a sense of accomplishment or relieves me of guilt. Here is who I am!


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