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Since I’ve started upcycling furniture, I have developed a love for the aged, rustic, farmhouse style. By integrating wood planks to my pieces, I can give them texture, while changing the look and style.
The minute I saw this pantry table, I visualized it painted in Zen, one Colorantic’s latest colours.
Let me inspire you with my project!

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Pantry Table


Step 1 – The preparation and transformation

I started with the top of the pantry table, because this step creates a lot of wood chips and dust. I did not want to risk damaging the fresh paint.


The first step was to cover the top of the table with some old planks using the nail gun to secure them. Then, I used the planer to give the planks an even look, removing as many imperfections as possible.


I gave the newly installed planks a few random brushstrokes with Zen. Once dry, I sanded the planks until the desired bluish tint effect was obtained. I dusted the piece and applied stain to the planks.


Now that the top is finished, I prepared the rest of the piece by spraying it all over with Colorantic’s Cleaner & Varnish Remover. After a few minutes, I rinsed it well using a clean cloth and water. I let the piece dry completely before applying the Grip It All Oil Primer.


Zen did not disappoint. Only 2 coats were needed to get the look I wanted.

Once completely dry, I applied a coat of Natural Beeswax with the Natural Bristle Paint Brush, and then wiped off the excess with a clean cloth.

Pantry Table



This small pantry table is ready to be delivered to its new owner. I couldn’t be happier with the results!


Lise-Marie Pouliot



Instagram: @Boisdelilas


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