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Guest Room


What a great project revamping a guest room.
We had some really nice items for this makeover, but the bed was a hindrance.
We wanted to keep the bed that once belonged to our son, but it had nothing to do with the “bed and breakfast” look I wanted to give my guests.
Always looking for originality, and recovery being my ideal, it was about finding the perfect element.
Out of ideas, this research therefore took place over several months
It was while watching an episode of Design VIP with Marie-Christine Lavoie, that I was inspired…..Making a headboard out of two old doors.

The modification

Being too long for the dimension of the wall, the doors had to be cut. My detail-oriented husband didn’t limit himself to cutting them as I expected.
He carefully removed the bottom part, cut off the doors and put the removed part back in place. It was hard work, being 115 year old doors, they had received several coats of paint. A cut was made on the long sides of each of the doors to make them even.
  •  Caulking was used to fill all the cracks.
  • Using an orbital sander and 80 and 100 grit sand paper, he sanded all surfaces.



The preperation


  • Once the cuts and sanding were done I dusted them off very well using a vacuum cleaner.
  • I used the Cleaner and Varnish Remover for cleaning and made sure to rinse really well twice to remove any residue.
  • Using a foam roller and the 38mm brush, I applied a coat of oil primer. This step was necessary to allow the transition from the old oil paint to the new water paint.
  • I applied a second coat of primer only on the caulking.
    • Now is the time to apply the colour.



The protector


  • The next day, using the XL round brush, and one section at a time, I applied the natural beeswax on all surfaces and I spread it well using a cloth (t-shirt).
  • Using the 16mm round brushes I applied the waxes, storm gray and antique brown, where I wanted to accentuate the effect.


With its two wooden planks added as nightstands, I am really very proud of this original headboard.
Our guest room is now charming, welcoming and relaxing, just as I wanted it to be.
Our guest room is now charming, welcoming and relaxing, just as I wanted it to be.
Our century-old house is filled with beautiful treasures and each of my upgrades tells a tory of its history.

Diane Lavoie


Diane Lavoie

Married for almost 45 years, mother of two children and grandmother of two grand-daughters, I am now retired. Native of Delson, in Montérégie, my little family and I made the big move 29 years ago to come and settle near Mont-Laurier in the Hautes-Laurentides. Our dream being to restore an old house, we acquired a house built in 1906 and it was on June 21, 1992 that this great adventure began. I love decor and love originality, seven years ago I discovered a passion for the revaluation of furniture and various salvage items. Now that the house has been fully restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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