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Fabric Painting Instructions

  • Spray your fabric with water until damp.
  • Mix 1-part water, 1-part ColoranticTM Clear Window Glaze, and 1-part Colorantic
  • Apply your mixture with any of the ColoranticTM round paint brushes.
  • Sand with a 120-grain sand paper or a ColoranticTM’s sanding block
  • Reapply your mixture 2 – 5 times on your fabric, adding more paint and reducing the amount of
    water each time : 1 part of paint, 1/2 part of Clear Glaze, 1/4 part of water.
  • A pale-coloured fabric painted with a pale-coloured paint will only require 2-3 coats, whereas a dark or textured (such as velour) fabric with a light colour will absorb more, and may require up to 5 coats.
  • Waiting 24 hours between each coat is recommended (or until dry when you touch it).
  • Apply a heavy coat of ColoranticTM Natural Beeswax, gently wiping away the excess with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wait until the wax dries and TA-DA, you will have an updated chair or couch, without financial ruin!

*Share your transformation ideas with us with Before/After photo’s at info@colorantic.com