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How to Paint a Boho-Indie Style Night Table

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Bedroom Sets, Dressers and Desks, Steps to use our Chalk Based Paints | 0 comments


How to Paint a Boho-Indie Style Night Table with Colorantic’s Products

La Belle Commode de Bénédicte Girard, our new Colorantic’s artist blogger, published her first blog on Boho-Indie technique. This night table has been painted by Benedicte with Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Pie and she also used our Natural Beeswax and Black Coal wax. She added a beautiful printed paper cloth on the sides of the drawers.





Prep Steps

1st Step:

I like to lightly sand with a sanding block even if we know that it is not required to sand on all surfaces. I prefer prepping my furniture with a Cleaner & Varnish Remover – TSP Style and a sanding block as prep steps.

2nd Step:

Choosing colours.  Let your imagination guides you, and you will see where it will leads you! In this case, I was inspired by the printed floral paper cloth that I glued on the sides of the drawers.

3rd Step:

Getting materials ready. I decided to use Colorantic’s colours Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Pie, Natural Beeswax, and Black Coal Wax. Paint brushes, paint knife, water spray bottle, and a clean white cloth are other items I got ready before starting a delicious Boho-Indie style project like this one!


Technique Steps


4th step: 

Apply the primary paint colour in order to let the wood show through. This time, on this furniture piece, Grapefruit is the primary colour.

5th Step:

Using a paint knife, I applied randomly the secondary paint colour Rapsberry.

6st Step:

Then, I applied the Colorantic Lemon Pie paint colour with an art paint brush such as Colorantic Snow White paint brush.

7st Step:

I moisturized  the paint using a water srapy bottle. After, using a scraper, I scratched the humid paint to give this Indie-Boho Style look.

Final Steps

8th Step:

Once the paint has dried (it usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes as Colorantic’s chalk based paint dries so quick!), I applied clear natural beeswax on all the furniture. I wipped off with a clean white cloth to rub the wax and help the wax gets harder on the furniture.

9th Step:

Lastly, I applied the Black Coal Wax on corners and edges to create a rough Antique look.



Here you go! You too can create this Boho-Indie effect with Colorantic’s products!



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