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Technics and Tips to Paint a Bathroom Vanity


Here we show you how to paint a bathroom vanity, It’s even more simple with Colorantic paint! Simple, fast and inexpensive!

To paint the vanity, we recommend the following products:






The above chart is very important and will come in handy when deciding which steps to take to properly paint the surface of your project. Although our Colorantic chalk-based paint adheres to every type of surface, for longevity, we need to be realistic when painting surfaces such as plastic, melamine etc. and prep accordingly.




1. Clean your furniture with a regular TSP (let it acts 10 min) or Colorantic TSP-Eco friendly Cleaner and Varnish Remover (let it acts 20-30 min). Rince with a damp cloth

2. Apply an oil-based primer (BIN, Go-Prime from Sico, MF or Micca’s primer, Betonel’s primer, Stix from Benjamin Moore are some examples of quality primers we recommand)

3. Use a Colorantic oval paint brush or round to apply Colorantic’s chalk based paint to go in the edges and corners. You can also use a Colorantic’s yellow velvet and foam roll to apply a flat paint coat on your bathroom cabinets

4. Let it dry between 2 to 24 hrs for a better outcome and to enable the paint to dry completely

5. Redo the step 3 for a second paint coat with Colorantic’s chalk based paint

6. Because it is a bathroom vanity, Colorantic’s team recommand adding a mat and clear varnish, with two coats (wait 24 hours between each varnish coat)


We hope you have a wonderful time painting!


emerald green bathroom vanity

oval paintbrush 55

emerald green paint