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Some furniture remains in our possession for decades. Over time, trends change, evolve. The wonderful thing about furniture is that we can bring it to life with chalk based paint. Marie shares her story with us with a chest that she has owned for 30 years. She gives it a 3rd life. At the time his mother had made her a beauty with his favorite colour of the moment, a blue jeans.

For this new transformation, we explain how to gave it an antique look while partly retaining its previous colour.

chest before

Step 1 – Prepare the work surface

We proceed to a light sanding, then clean the surface with the varnish cleaner, in order to remove the varnish that is on the furniture.

Step 2 – Apply the desired color

When the surface is dry, we can apply the desired color. Apply 2 coats and let dry between coats. 20 minutes should be sufficient for drying.

Step 3 – Give an antique look

To give an antique appearance to a piece of furniture, several methods are at your disposal. One of them is to simply sand the paint in strategic places. You can sand a little more in some places and very little in others to give a worn look.

Step 4 – Protect the surface of the furniture

Once everything is done it is very important to protect the surface. In this case, 2 coats of varnish are applied. It is, again, important to leave between coats.

And there you go! Now you know how to easily give an antique effect to a piece of furniture.


Sarina Bernard


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