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Do you believe applying a wax finish is not easy and seems impossible to do? Think again because the application of wax is simple, but you must have the right techniques. In this blog, you will see how to achieve a BOHO-style finish and you will learn the different techniques for properly applying wax in the video at the end of the blog.      

List of Products Used

wax finished bench2




Mix the Colorantic paint in the plastic container as follows: 1 portion of Summer Storm for 1/2 portion of Acai Berry and Night. Mix to make sure you do the base coats of the chosen furniture + keep some for the faux finish. This mix should be the colour of dark blue jeans.


If your furniture is coated in an oil-based finish or was ever cleaned with an oil-based product like pledge, be sure to prime it with an oil-based primer (PRIMER) before painting it with chalk-based paint. Let dry and you can then make your base layers with the blue mixture. Apply two coats of the blue and let dry between applications.

STEP 3 (we start the faux finish!)

Apply a quick coat of your base blue paint and immediately before everything dries, apply with your clean brush the color Toasted Marshmallow here and there on the furniture or chair and do not let dry. Immediately afterwards (quickly), spray all over with water on the bench to let the paint run and mix with the blue. Listen to the videos to see the process of making and finishing. Once you’ve made all the bench, let it dry completely.


You are now at the final stage of your furniture, finishing. You have to choose between varnishing it or applying a clear wax on your part, how to choose ? Follow my advice to learn how to do it and learn lots of important tips to know in order to finish furniture perfectly. Watch the next video on bench finishing.

wax finished bench3


Now you know how to go about finishing any piece of furniture with Colorantic products. In addition, it is a local Canadian product!

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