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Many of you send us questions about the choice of finish and their different uses.  Below is a short description to better inform you between a glaze, wax or varnish finish.

 The Colorantic™ glazes

Colorantic ™ glazes are available in several colours: Chocolate Cake Brown, Window Clear, White Cloud and Grey Kitten. They are available in sizes 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, 32oz, 58oz and Gallons (128 oz).

What is a glaze?

The ancestor of varnish, the glaze was for a very long time the finishing product of painters and eventually cabinetmakers. It takes longer to dry than a varnish. Approximately 1 to 2 hours to dry and up to 48 hours to harden.

What is glaze used for?

Stain wood

It is possible to use glaze as a stain! In addition to our three shades available, you can mix the paint colour of your choice with our clear glaze to create a custom stain.

To start, you can mix 1/4 of paint for 3/4 of clear glaze. You can add mor paint if you want a more opaque finish.

Painting fabric

Glazes can also be used on fabric. You only have to mix one part water, one part clear glaze and one part paint. To learn more about how to paint fabric, you can check out our blogs on the subject.

How to Paint Fabric – Painting a couch with Colorantic Chalk Based Paint

My first experience painting fabric with Colorantic

Protect your furniture


The glaze has the same purpose as a varnish. The only difference is in the composition of the product. The varnish dries faster than the glaze, but the result remains the same.

You can use it for all your projects. It is resistant to heat and humidity (bathroom, kitchen).


Canadian Colorantic ™ waxes


Our waxes are made in 5 shades; Natural Beewax (Clear), Grey Storm, White Snow, Antique Brown, and Black Coal. They are available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz sizes. They are made from hight quality natural products such as beewax and natural oils.

What is wax used for?




The primary purpose of waxes is to protect your furniture after the application of your paint. Natural beewax leaves a satin finish to the surface, unlike the matte finish of glaze or varnish. The wax is also food grade approved so it can be used on butcher blocks or cutting boards.

It is very important that the wax is the last product applied to your furniture. If you apply glaze or paint over it, the product will not hold.



Faux finish


Waxes containing pigments allow you to give your furniture a unique look! For example, you will have a cloud effect (White Washed) & Shabby-Chic style with the White Snow wax, a worn effect with the Antique Brown wax and a washed out effect or a barn wood style with the Grey Storm wax.

To learn more about the false finishes possible with our waxes, read our articles dedicated to waxes: Canadian Colorantic ™ waxes



Le vernis Colorantic™


100% Canadian made, our Colorantic ™ varnish will not yellow furniture! It is ideal for furniture that is used more, for example: tables, chairs, kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


Just like glaze, it is resistant to heat and humidity.



You are now able to choose your finishing product according to the type of project you want to undertake. You can also refer to our video about our finishing products.

The Colorantic team


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