Glaze – A Stain Effect

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Glaze: Create your own Stain

Colorantic glazes can be used as stain!


Dare try them to create a yellow, red, pink, blue or green stain. You too can create your custom coloured stain 



 The clear glaze can be mixed with any Colorantic™ chalk based paint. The formula is simple: ¾ of Window Clear glaze with ¼ of your choice of Colorantic™ chalk based paint.  For example: would you like to create a pink washed effect for your daughter’s room? Mix the Window Clear glaze with Colorantic™ Antique Pink and you will get your desired effect. You are also able to brighten your paint to bring out the wood grain. This is how you will create your own ‘coloured opaque stain’. The Chocolate Cake, White Cloud as well as Grey Kitten glazes are already pre-mixed, so you can get the brown, white and grey opaque stain effects and will be able to see the wood grain.





Another blog article has already been published earlier in the Blog section. It explains well what are glazes and what pre-mixed colours we have available.

Don’t forget to take a peek at this blog after watching this short video (in French)


A special thank you to R-Usé (formerly Pattes & Poufs)  a Colorantic retailer, for creating this great video.


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