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How to decorate at a low cost with Colorantic paint

by | Sep 1, 2020 | Newspapers articles, blogs and other media | 0 comments

How to decorate at a low cost with Colorantic paint!


Earlier in June, Youtuber Rosalie Lemire received a box filled with our Colorantic products. She gives us her first impression of our chalk paints and accessories, but also explains how to decorate at low cost.

Because yes, it is possible to decorate at a lower cost, so there is no need to change a room at all.  With Colorantic products, you can also change the colour of a piece of furniture that you like to give it a second wind.  Also, you can take our chalk-based paint to apply it on objects, such as wooden frames, teapots, jewelry boxes, serving trays, flowerpots and much more!

Thus, giving you an accent of colour in your home that pops!






To order the products Rosalie Lemire used,

we invite you to click on the links below:



Chalk Paint – Roasted Marshmallow

Chalk Paint – Night


Cleaner & Varnish remover (TSP)

2 Grain Sanding Block 


Don’t hesitate to write to us at info@colorantic.com  for any question relating to our products or their use! We will be happy to help you!


Happy envisioning!




Finally, thank you Rosalie for the great video on Colorantic products!

YouTube video by Rosalie Lemire (French only)


Thank you to Rosalie Lemire for this sponsored video featuring Colorantic products.  








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