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Colorantic bundles available online

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Different Colorantic bundles are available on our online store. We offer various bundles that will allow you to try our products while saving!

Some bundles are predefined, while others let you choose your colours. So whether you are a beginner or new to using our products, we have a bundle for you.

If you lack inspiration or if you have questions about our products or a particular technique, you can consult the various articles in our blog section at any time.

These Colorantic packages are offered all year round!

2oz sample box

sample box



Our unique artist sample box comes with 2 oz containers of 32 chalk based paints, 5 metallic paints, 4 glazes and 5 waxes. It also contains 1  cleaner and varnish remover, 1 image transfer gel, flyers and more. A total of over 50 small 2 oz sample jars, perfect for an artists who can’t decide which colour they want to choose!

Products Included

  • 32 colours;
  • 5 metallic paint: Metallic Jewel, Metallic Champagne, Metallic Sky, Metallic Copper and Sparkling Metallic;
  • 4 glazes: White Cloud, Clear Window (clear), Chocolate Cake, Grey Kitten;
  • 5 waxes: Antique Brown, Black Coal, White Snow, Grey Storm et Bee Natural (clear);
  • Cleaner & Varnish remover: 1 (1 oz);
  • Image transfer Gel

Bundle 1 (3 items)



This bundle is ideal for someone new to furniture upgrading or someone who would like to add items to their collection at a low price.


Products Included

  • 16 oz jar of the desired colour;
  • 4 oz clear Natural Beeswax;
  • the 16mm wax brush.

Perfect for small gifts to give to yourself or your favourite artist!

Bundle 2 (5 items)

bundle 2



This bundle is an excellent choice for someone who already has a few furniture upgrading projects under their belt and who wishes to try several of our products, also great for a person who would like to vary their use of Colorantic products.


Products Included


  • 8oz jar of the desired colour;
  • 4 oz metallic paint of the colour of your choice;
  • 4 oz clear Natural Beeswax;
  • the 16mm wax brush;
  • the Snow White Flat Synthetic Paint Brush.

Bundle 3 (6 items)

Bundle 3




This bundle is perfect for anyone who is just starting out and wants a more complete product kit or someone who has tried one of our products and who wants to equip themselves at a lower cost.


Products Included


  • two 8oz jar of the desired colour;
  •  8oz of Matte varnish;
  • 4 oz clear Natural Beeswax;
  • the 16mm wax brush;
  • the Snow White Flat Synthetic Paint Brush.

Bundle of 2 oz Samples Metallic Paints, Varnish and Glazes

colorantic bundles



Our Glazes, the varnish and our metallic paints come together in a 4 oz format. This is the opportunity to test them!


Products Included


  • 5 metallic paint: Metallic Jewel, Metallic Champagne, Metallic Sky, Metallic Copper and Sparkling Metallic;
  • 4 glazes: White Cloud, Clear Window (clear), Chocolate Cake, Grey Kitten;
  • Matte Varnish.


wax bundles
wax bundles
wax bundles




Why settle for one wax when you can have 5! A very easy-to-use product that produces beautiful effects depending on the colour used. You can choose between 3 different sizes; 2, 4 or 8 oz.  Go ahead, try them!


Products Included


  All our waxes our included: 


  • Snow White;
  • Grey Storm;
  • Black Coal;
  • Antique Brown;
  • Natural Bee (clear).

Bundle of 4 oz Samples Metallic Paints

colorantic bundles



This is a golden opportunity, you can purchase our 5 metallic colours in 4 oz size. Metallic paint is perfect for adding little accents to your projects! You will see the opacity of our metallic is amazing …



Products Included


  • Metallic Sky;
  • Sparkling Metallic;
  • Metallic Jewel;
  • Metallic Copper;
  • Metallic Champagne.



Bundle of 4 oz Samples Image Transfer, Varnish and Glazes

colorantic bundles


Do you want to try other finishing products than wax or varnish? This bundle is for you! It contains the 4 glazes: the translucent Window glaze can replace matte varnish and Natural beeswax. The other glazes can be used as a wood stain, and the best part, you don’t have to add another finish on top of it! We have also added image transfer gel to this wonderful bundle.

Contained products


  • Clear Widow;
  • Grey Kitten;
  • White Cloud;
  • Chocolate cake;
  • Image transfert.

Bundles of 2 oz or 4 oz samples of chalk based paints – choice of your own colours or a predetermined combination

colorantic bundles
colorantic bundles



We offer you the pleasure of making your own trial bundle of either 10 colours in 2 oz or 6 colours in 4 oz. You can choose each colour yourself. If you are hesitant to choose your own colours, we have gona ahead and curated colour palettes according to the seasons, for both size bundles! Isn’t that wonderful!


Seasonal pallet, 2 oz


  • Winter: Cotton Ball, Nautical, Ballerina, Sailor, Acai Berry, Night, Vintage Cream, Roasted Marshmallow, Midnight Blue, Zen;
  • Spring: Grapefruilt, Sweet Truffle, Sangria, Lemon Pie, Lilac Blossom, Tractor Dust, Volcano, Nature, Zen, Lavender;
  • Summer: Dusty Rose, Exotic Margarita, Summer Garden, Summer Storm, Sunflower, Emerald, Clothesline, Caribbean Sea, Mermaid, Ocean;
  • Fall: Mist, Apple Orchard, Glass of Wine, Orangesicle, Cappuccino, Raspberry, Kiwi, Sage, Sweet Truffle, Nature.


Seasonal Pallett, 4 oz


  • Winter : Cotton Ball, Nautical, Ballerina, Night, Vintage Cream, Roasted Marshmallow;
  • Spring:  Grapefruit, Glass of Wine, Lemon Pie, Lavender, Tractor Dust and Volcano;
  • Summer:  Dusty Rose, Kiwi, Sage, Summer Storm, Sunflower, Caribbean Sea;
  • Fall:  Mist, Apple Orchard, Glass of Wine, Orangesicle, Sunflower, Cappuccino.



And There you go ! All you have to do is choose from our great bundles. Happy shopping!


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